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Read this carefully!

  • Abusing this system will result in lifetime ban on all our websites.
  • Buying a seedbox, redeeming invite then immediately canceling will result in lifetime ban.
    You must own the seedbox for at-least a month.
  • We have advanced system for detecting attempts to create duplicate accounts. Dont even try!
  • After the purchase is complete, wait for 30 minutes, then redeem your invitation using the form below:
  • If you dont receive an invitation after verification, please contact us using IRC Chat.
  • You should turn off VPN temporarily if you are using one, as it may lead to verification being rejected or getting "Duplicate Attempt Error"

Buy a seedbox from any provider below:
(Links below contains special code, for offers to work you must buy using the links below)
  • $12 to $67
  • Unlimited unmetered Traffic
  • 1Gbps to 10Gbps Bandwidth
  • 512GB to 5600GB Storage
  • Dedicated IP
  • 80+ Apps
  • €9.99 to €34.99
  • Unlimited unmetered Traffic
  • 1Gbps to 10Gbps Bandwidth
  • 1500GB to 6000GB Storage
  • Shared IP
  • 40+ Apps

After the purchase is completed and SeedBox is active, redeem your invitation below:
Important: You should not change your email address on seedbox provider or PrivateHD.

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